iStock_000001095558SmallProper equipment reduces absenteeism

Although load and wear damage often occurs in the nursing profession, often investment resources are not in place for equipment that reduces these loads, even though it makes good economic sense to purchase it. Operational leasing can solve this problem.

There is a lot of equipment, such as lifting equipment and modern beds that can relieve the heavy lifting for nurses. The challenge is to have the proper equipment available and that it actually works. It is not much use to have a lifting solution in the department if the unit is in practice just scrap.

Operational leasing eliminates the need to look for investment resources to purchase a profitable solution. The effective output is realised from day one without touching the investment budget.

A lease agreement will also ensure that the equipment is not used beyond its normal service life, but is regularly replaced. This ensures not only that the equipment is functional at any time, but also updated with new technology and patient requirements. One example is the average weight of patients is increasing every year, something that gradually places new demands on the beds.