iStock_000001095558SmallCollaboration gives savings and better services

Collaboration with ICT has been a focus area. Common ICT solutions strengthen both the individual municipality and the ability for regional collaboration and coordination. The reason for this is that an excellent tool and a comprehensive ICT support function most efficiently support municipal tasks.

ICT is not a solution in itself, but an important contribution factor for effective performance production. Requirements for increased service and delivery, cost reduction, as well as vulnerability by standing alone, is the background for obtaining profits across municipal borders.

The aim is that the additional cost of establishing a common ICT service is less than making separate solutions.

The main problems with the establishment of a common ICT organisation are:

Co-location by establishing a common environment and organisation to ensure optimal delivery.

Having a complete overview of solutions, delivery and quality requirements for each municipality.

Develop agreements that provide predictable costs with defined service and performance levels for each municipality and a predictable cost to the municipality.

Establish an improvement and action plan to ensure gains and profit extraction.

Establishing a common operations centre introduces new problems. Equipment and solutions that each municipality has must often be upgraded or replaced to provide a common solution.

Operational leasing and management

Financing through operational leasing gives the ICT organisation the means and mandate to implement changes by:

Buying out of the platform from the municipality and provide a framework for investments to create a common platform.

Have the resources to implement projects to establish common technical systems across municipalities.

Have the resources to purchase - and the ongoing replacement of - the local equipment such as computers, printers and copiers.

Get a fixed cost for the municipalities instead of allocating investment resources from each municipality.

Management of all solutions ensures:

  • Complete overview of equipment and solutions for structured updating of ICT as a working tool
  • Proper invoicing of output per municipality, down to the service area and users
  • Ordering and standardisation of solutions to ensure economies of scale, as well as low operating costs
  • Ongoing management of upgrades or replacement of solutions and user equipment