slagknuserWe will help you to ensure operational efficiency

New technology is cost-effective in an industry where all types of stoppages result in a substantial loss of earnings. Operational leasing is an attractive form of financing as the balance is not affected.

There is often a need to switch to new and more efficient technology for underwater facilities. The need for purchasing new equipment is often so frequent that you do not have time to write off the old equipment. By using operational leasing from Lighthouse Finance you keep the new machine off the balance sheet and all costs are recorded as ongoing operating costs. Operational leasing can also allow for the transition to new technology before the expiry of the normal lease period.

More efficient use of foreign capital elements allow for a more strategic use of capital. As operational leasing is an operating cost, it does not affect borrowing ability. This provides greater financial strength to streamline and improve the core business, whether it concerns, for example, acquiring or hiring more engineers.

Lighthouse Finance can finance facilities and equipment for both underwater technology facility, or on board a vessel, such as MPV or OCV.

Lighthouse Finance has introduced solutions in our advice to clients that go beyond just using product operational leasing. We can identify any need to add equipment in their operating companies to streamline the use and depreciation of equipment. In many cases, the new company structure results in a more effective ownership and management of the equipment.

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