Fish industry

fiskerier1Freedom of action when the buyer is there - and when the buyer is not there

It is not certain that the worst storm is to be found at sea. Capital is becoming an equally important input as raw materials in the fishing industry. Therefore, it can pay to think long-term about how production equipment is financed. The same production line that creates value when the fish are there, blocks the future value creation if it ties up money unnecessarily.

Once you have decided on what equipment you need, Lighthouse Finance AS can finance it with operational leasing. In this way, the lease amount is a pure operating cost without the production equipment being recorded as fixed assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. You have the same rights in relation to the use of the equipment as any other lease agreement.

This means more capital for other purposes, such as the acquisition of quotas, investment in more equipment, or simply access to a buffer if the state of the market takes a downward turn.

Most types of offshore production can be financed through operational leasing and Lighthouse Finance AS has financed equipment for the fishing industry in all the Nordic countries.

Our experience shows that freedom of action and sustainability means more than short-term focus on profitability.