Crashed stone industry

iStock_000001095558SmallA stone crusher must make money, not tie up capital

Proper financing of machinery ensures predictable costs and contributes to adaptability during a recession. Since operational leasing is a pure operating cost and does not burden the balance sheet, the ability to secure new markets is maintained.

In connection with crushed stone and gravel, capital-intensive machinery plays a central role in the company. However, in addition to crushing stones and making money, the plant ties up capital that could otherwise be better used.

Using operational leasing, Lighthouse Finance is the owner of the plant and has only a mortgage on the plant itself. Therefore, the lessee's equity is not touched, even though it is at the disposal of the equipment as freehold. This gives greater drive and opens more opportunities for companies that are thinking long-term economically.

Our solutions provide a clear and flexible financing for your mobile or stationary crushing plant and handle the option to upgrade existing facilities, whether it concerns complementing, modifying or supplementing with new equipment such as power crushers, impact crushers or concrete crushers.

Upgrading and replacing

Since the most important thing with a crushing plant is that it is operational at any time, the upgrade costs can also be included in the lease agreement. A plant that is optimised for continuous operation requires regular maintenance and inspection. Necessary replacements and upgrades must also be made along the way.

Our solutions concerning operational leasing are flexible and based on industry knowledge. Please contact us if you want to hear more about what Lighthouse Finance can do to help your business.

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