Private sector

iStock_000001095558SmallWhen the required rate of return is higher than the interest rate

Profit-making companies take a critical look at how equity is used, because using the equity in the equipment means the loss of resources for activities that generate income, for example, marketing and development.

Technology is an important driver for sound economic growth and increased competitiveness. Clever use of technology forms the basis for greater efficiency, better products and better results for many Danish companies. The challenge for modern technology, whether it is ICT equipment, production equipment or other resources, is the investment needs.

To achieve a better return and increase investment capacity, many therefore choose to lease equipment. It has typically been leasing of photocopiers, home computers and cars, but in line with how the main focus is on how equity is utilised, the amount of leasing in all segments of Danish industry is increasing.

Lighthouse Finance AS has extensive experience from a variety of industries and sectors in the Nordic countries. The list below shows the breadth of our orders. This experience makes us confident that operational leasing is an appropriate tool for private companies wishing to improve return on capital.

For each of the examples there are detailed explanations of how operational leasing creates value: