iStock_000001095558SmallA better overview puts money in the bank

Independent research companies such as Gartner Group and PriceWaterhouseCoopers have documented that proper management contributes to benefits in economy and quality.

Management and administration of assets and equipment aims at getting a complete overview, proper cost allocation, as well as a decision-making basis for further acquisition and development.

A complete management solution must include the following features:

  • Needs
  • Orders
  • Administration
  • Supplier follow-up
  • Cost control
  • Moving/optimisation of existing equipment
  • Phasing out in terms of the service life of the equipment
  • Regular divestment in accordance with environmental requirements

Optimal management requires a tool that takes into account that the process involves more than one party. The tool should include the person who is technically responsible for the selection of equipment, suppliers, purchasing organisations, users, finance function, service organisation and management. The tool must ensure that all connections and all skills are included, as well as obtaining consistent, updated and correct information.

This ensures quality and control of the daily work.