Why rent

iStock_000001095558SmallWhy should the hospital service lease technical equipment?

It is strategically important that the hospital service establishes freedom of action in order to change its technology and capacity.

Calculations have been made which show that hospitals will be able to achieve the following benefits by taking advantage of operational leasing and management of MTU, ICT and copy multifunction machines:

Optimisation of technology throughout the hospital service so that it is at the right level. This will ensure that the equipment is a tool that helps staff to work on it at any time in the best and most cost effective way. This gives a documented positive effect on earnings.

Costs associated with downtime are reduced. This applies to service and maintenance costs, poor utilisation of staff and poor patient management and those patients must come back for new examinations.

Locating equipment can be improved in order to reduce patient transport and related costs.

The hospital can establish a phasing in and phasing out strategy that allows them to have optimal equipment with a long-term perspective.