iStock_000001095558SmallChallenges in the healthcare sector

When we are examined, we need equipment that can help make a diagnosis. We need treatment with the equipment that accurately does the work the first time. We need a gentle procedure with the shortest possible recreation time.

The modern healthcare sector is run by people for people. Using the latest technology helps staff to do the work as cleverly as possible.

As tax payers, we take it for granted that the healthcare sector has this equipment and that it works all the time. We expect patient waiting times to be shorter and that no one receives late treatment, and that money is not wasted in order to keep old and obsolete equipment running.

In addition, we expect that all equipment is regularly maintained and serviced. You know what you have and where it is located.

Evident facts you may say? Hospitals are one of the most technology-intensive businesses that exist. Both in respect of the equipment and staff skills.

But how the equipment is financed, purchased, phased out and managed is in many cases motivated by traditions and history.

Lighthouse Finance AS has collaborated in the Nordic countries with hospitals for a number of years and we know the challenges they face. You can read more about how we solve them by going onto website.