Better overview

iStock_000001095558SmallBetter overview with ICE management

The company of Bedriften A/S delivers construction projects all over Norway and they are experiencing a problem related to the management of the IT equipment used on the projects. The company uses its own and hired-in workforce on projects of varying size, for different assignments across the country.

The engineers use the IT equipment for drawings, specifications, project management, etc. The IT equipment must be available to employees, who are both associated with projects full-time and employees who do sporadic work.

It is a great challenge to keep an overview of the equipment, what output and software are available with it, where it is located, who had it last and not least, to allocate costs to the right projects.

In addition, there is significantly more corrosion on a PC used in the construction industry than used in the office environment. To ensure regular replacement, as well as a sound and environmental-related divest is also a challenge.

The problems they experienced were, among others:

  • Machines could not be located again
  • The company purchase more machines than necessary, because they do not know whether they are available
  • Lack of control on the replacement of equipment.
  • Failure to return means the old machines are kept and the user burdens the support department with two machines.

It is right to lease

Based on this, Bedriften A/S wish to drop the responsibility of ownership. They realise that managing IT equipment is not part of their core business.

It is also important that the problems with the IT equipment could potentially delay the completion of a building, for example, if a lack of replacement leads to a machine breakdown at a crucial time. The down side of this could be huge for Bedriften A/S.


By using operational leasing and putting the ICE management system into full service, the company find themselves going from chaos to control. ICE creates reports about where all the equipment is located, mechanical and software programs on all machines, as well as what equipment is available to use elsewhere. This also makes cost allocation much simpler.

Moreover, Bedriften A/S now receives ongoing notification when machines "pass their expiry date" and must be replaced with a new one. Lighthouse Finance has a device which ensures that the machines are received and divested in an environmentally sound way.