Customer Financing

iStock_000001095558SmallThe trick is to get in touch with the right decision maker

In a long-term and successful interaction between client and supplier, purchasing is about providing a more efficient operation, increasing sales, or to be unique. Even so, the client does not always choose the solution that gives the best overall economy, especially in cases where the purchase costs and pure product features dominate the decision-making process.

Operational leasing makes it easier to see an acquisition in an overall economic perspective. Financing costs can be set up against the efficiency gains, technology and product advantages, and the road to the right decision will be shorter, even for the person managing the economy.

30 years experience as a financial partner has taught Lighthouse Finance AS to take a decision made by the specialised coordinator and put in on the desktop of the CFO or the CEO. It requires competence in economics and an understanding of the end client's financial needs.

Lighthouse Finance AS provides competent financial advisors with experience from a variety of industries and sectors. Please contact us to learn more about how our consultants can help your company.