iStock_000001095558SmallValue is created by you

Profitable lease solutions are made by combining the client's business knowledge and financial needs with our knowledge of operational leasing.

Lighthouse Finance AS has many years of experience with operational leasing as a form of financing. Operational leasing creates value regardless of whether we finance equipment that is capital demanding or not, whether it has a high or low replacement cost, if we finance all or part of the purchase, or other parts of the equipment itself.

It is the purchase itself that creates value and value creation happens out at our clients. Operational leasing is chosen as the type of financing, because it is more favourable.

Both technological developments and the increased awareness of the strategic use of capital as a work factor means that our clients still challenge us to purchase new types of items. In addition, we see that many who are introduced to operational leasing are surprised at the economic impact.

Please contact one of us if you are wondering how operational leasing can create value for your company.